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To create an account. A username and password are required. An email address is not required which means that we can not help if you forget your password. Your username will be publicly visible, so please be careful about revealing your real name or other Personal Information in your username.

When you make a contribution to this site, including on user or discussion pages, you are creating a permanent, public record of every piece of content added, removed, or altered by you. The page history will show when your contribution or deletion was made, as well as your username. We may use your public contributions, either aggregated with the public contributions of others or individually, to create new features or data-related products for you or to learn more about how this site is used.

Unless this Policy says otherwise, you should assume that information that you actively contribute to this site, including Personal Information, is publicly visible and can be found by search engines. Like most things on the Internet, anything you share may be copied and redistributed throughout the Internet by other people. Please do not contribute any information that you are uncomfortable making permanently public, like revealing your real name or location in your contributions.

You should be aware that specific data made public by you or aggregated data that is made public by us can be used by anyone for analysis and to infer further information, such as which country a user is from, political affiliation and gender.


The CMS used here is MediaWiki but we are not part of the Wikimedia Foundation.


The email address to contact an administrator is: tioat [at] nym.hush.com

The Lobby is also monitored by the tioat.net support team.